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Herkimer Diamond Necklace - One of a Kind


Herkimer Diamond necklace teaches you how to listen to your intuitions, maintaining mental clarity and presence. 

Herkimer Diamond brings more clarity to your intentions, dissolving stress and anxiety due to confusion or lack of confidence.

***Every piece of jewelry is unique and one of a kind, pick the crystal that calls your heart by scrolling the images on this page.

• Raise Intuition: Learning to understand your intuitions and develop the confidence to follow them is necessary to walk on your authentic path with trust, clarity, and calm. 

• Bring Attunement: Herkimer Diamond provides harmony and beauty, especially in a confusing and uncertain situation.

• Relieve Tensions and stress: Herkimer diamond brings you back to your center cleansing body and mind from what you don't actually need.

• Support Renewal: Herkimer Diamond simultaneously absorbs and emits energy in both directions, inspiring and supporting renewal at any level.

• Cleanses and Purify: It encourages a continuous flow of energy that keeps the aura clear and bright helping you to avoid physical exhaustion and burnout.

RELATED CHAKRA: Herkimer Diamond creates a powerful resonance within both the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra

NAME: Every Giardinoblu piece of jewelry is a living creature. This is Taipa, which means "Spread Wings" in the Miwok language.

MATERIALS AND FINISHING: oxidized sterling silver (chain), nickel-free bronze (frame and tag) and Herkimer Diamond.

LENGTH: maximum length is 46 cm, but you can adjust it as you want because the snap hook matches perfectly with the chain. 

Every piece of jewelry is one of a kind because every Crystal is unique in the Universe. However, you'll have full control of your order, here's how:
• I'll contact you personally after your purchase sharing the best Crystals we have for your necklace;
• you're free to choose which specific Crystal you want in your necklace;
• we handcrafted your necklace with that particular Crystal.

TIMING: this Crystal necklace is made to order, it requires twenty business days before shipping.

PACKAGING: every creature gets to you in a nice and resistant case with a Certificate of Authenticity. It’s perfect as a unique gift for your best friend or yourself.



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