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Custom Healing Crystal Jewelry

What do you want to attract or generate in your life?

Wearing Healing Jewelry designed on your own specific needs is a powerful boost that raises your vibes like never before and supports you to manifest the life you desire.

My Custom Crystal and Gemstones Jewels:


Raw or smooth Crystals, not cut

I only use Crystals and stones that chose their own shape, not forced to be different as Mother Nature wanted. My Crystal and Stones are always raw.


Organic Signature Style

We can walk together along in this amazing journey only if your heart beats for my organic design. That means our visions are intimately connected already and I can create a jewel that really vibrates deeply in you.

Everything you need is already within you, even when you can't see or feel it.

Crystals are the tool to listen yourself better so you're able to find your gift and expand it.

Here's how it work

Step One

Reserve your Spot

You’ll get the instant access to the creation of your healing jewel by reserving your Spot for the Project

You’ll have:

Healing crystal consultation:

As soon as you reserve your spot, you’ll get the access to a simple form that I created for you.
By answering to a few questions, you’ll give me the picture about the energy that can support you whole body sustaining you to manifest your purposes. 
Then, I'll get back to you with some options about the Crystals you need.

Find the exact crystal that vibes for you:

I get back to you with some images of the best spaciments of your favorite Crystal so you’ll fell which one vibes higher to you.

• First Priority:

Your message have the first priority to me, meaning I’ll get back to you in 48 business hours to all your emails.

• Special Price:

The Value of a Crystal Consultation Session is 27,90 euro.
You get the same support at less than one third when you apply to get the access to the Custom Healing Project. 

Custom Healing Projects starts from 150 euro.

Step Two

Quote & Order

A quote will be provided based on your request. It reflects the price of material (metal and gem stones) and custom labor (design, cast, polish, set, finish, and quality check) needed for the creation of the piece.

Step Three

Design and Creation

1) Design is THE WAX MODEL:
As soon as you complete your order I’ll create the wax model and send you some images.

You’ll see if everything will be nice for you or if you want to modify some details.
Everything you’ll see in wax will be turn in bronze during the next step.

when everything will be fine for you we’ll proceed with metal casting, finishing and stone setting. 
You'll be updated about every step of the process.


All giardinoblu custom projects have:

• no cut and high quality Crystals and Gemstones

• Giardinoblu signature style

• metals are bronze and silver (not gold)

ps: we work with natural Crystals and Gemstones only. We don't work with Aqua Aura or any other crystals subjected to chemical processes that alter their structure and color.

Step Four


Fantastic, your healing jewel is ready for shipment! It will get to you in three business days worldwide.

Here's what some beautiful clients write about their Custom Healing Jewels

"Working with Francesca was an absolute dream. I had been wanting to transform a beloved herkimer diamond into a pendant and, after purchasing several jewelry pieces from Francesca and seeing the level of care she puts into her work, I knew she was the only I would entrust my gemstone to. 

Francesca loves gemstones and respects their energy, and that was very important to me when choosing someone. 

Francesca made the whole creation process simple. She first shared some designs and, once I liked them, I sent her my stone via courier. Once she had it, she got to work, showing me every step of the way, and seeking my approval before moving forward.

I loved how she kept me regularly informed of where we were in the process and listened to my observations. She was kind and courteous at every step of the way, and ended up creating a jewel I will treasure forever. 

I couldn't be happier with the necklace Francesca created for me. It's perfect in every way, and beams with positive energy."

Marcela Macias 
Photographer, Stylist & Visual Strategist, Marcela Macias Photography.


"I'm super excited as my pendants arrived today and I just collected them from my local post office. I cannot thank you enough, I think they are just beautiful. I think the ladies are going to Love them. 


I have also had our local printer print me up some copies of the Guide to Rise to go along with them. 

I'm feeling super BLESSED to have accidentally stumbled upon you and your beautiful gift. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Aliesha Bray, Bogan Gate - Australia

"I’m so in love with this piece... I couldn’t have asked for a more special gift. This was an anniversary gift that I was choosing for myself, from my partner and as soon as I saw this, I knew it was for me.


Franci was patient, accommodating and quick to reply to all of my questions as I was trying to choose the right crystal.
When I came across this one, she sent me additional photos of it to help me decide. Once I said yes, Franci was very quick to have it shipped.


It arrived within the week and was more beautiful than expected, it was packaged in a sleek box and included a little hand written note with pressed flower petals.

I really felt the intention she places in her jewellery, as soon as I put it on.

I'll be back for more! Thank you for creating such beautiful intuitive art, receiving a piece of it is so special "

Niseema Emery
Powell River, Canada 

"Greetings Beautiful Francesca!
This is Nathalie and yesterday I received my amazing handcrafted Rose Quartz ring.  I was so surprised it had arrived so quickly.  
It was a full moon in Virgo last night and my new wonderful ring came just in time for my full moon ritual.  
It blended it prefectly with my other crystals and it made the ritual even more special.  
Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!  


You are a very bright light in this world and I am grateful for my jewelry but also for you because you remind us that we are all lights with special gifts.

My ring fits perfectly and feels great, I truly feel as if it was made JUST for me.  The entire process from filling out the form, to ordering and emailing with you was easy, pleasant and seamless.  I look forward to my next piece of jewerly from you when the time is right."

Nathalie Delaine
Miami, US 

"I fell in love with this ring the moment I saw it. It is the most beautiful pairing of fine sculpture and nature's handiwork. Francesca, the gifted artist who creates these one of a kind treasures, worked with me to forge the perfect piece. It is unique in every way.
Although it might not appear to work as a man's ring, I believe it looks very masculine.


It really is a bold statement. I am over the moon to finally have it on my finger.

Thanks so much, Francesca!"




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