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Stromatolite Necklace - One of a Kind Piece


Stromatolite necklace comes to teach you more about the ancestral knowledge of your family. 
Stromatolite gives you solid roots to redefine the rule you have in your family assisting in accepting to be part and learning how to give and receive support.

** Every piece is unique and one of a kind.
Choose the stone you want to wear by scrolling the images of the product.
Then, share your favorite in the comment section you find when you complete the order.

• This talisman is a powerful tool to start your conscious journey over transformation and transmutation supporting in finding your mission and redefining the foundation of your incarnation.

• Working with Stromatolite talisman is huge support in reviewing and correcting your rule within your family or clan in front of the past under the light of the present.

• Stromatolite necklace is stable support during every evolutionary transition and it's extremely useful to aid teaching from all of your experiences helping to stand in your own power and acting in your soul's direction while it instills flexibility and the ability to let things go.

• Stromatolite necklace assists in being less emotionally stressed and bring comfort and strength within your own truth. 

• It helps to read the Akashic Record of your previous lives and look to the future.

RELATED CHAKRA: Bordeaux Chakra.

MATERIALS AND FINISHING: nickel free burnished bronze, oxidized sterling silver, Stromatolite.

TIMING: this necklace requires 15 business before shipping. Express shipping is free Worldwide.

PACKAGING: every Crystal Healing Jewel gets to you in a charming and resistant case with a Certificate of Authenticity. It’s perfect as a special gift for your best friend or for yourself. 



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