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Silver Shungite (Elite Shungite) Pendant - One of a kind


Silver Shungite Necklace is the Amulet that defends your positive energy and rejects the negative one. 
It also protects your aura from toxic vibes and radioactive pollution caused by computers, TVs, microwaves, mobile phones, and wireless.

Shungite is an ancient wise Healing Stone, it's about 2 billions years old and it's extremely helpful at this age. We use Elite Shungite, also called Silver Shungite with 98% of carbon, 0,9% oxygen and 0,3% hydrogen.

• Silver Shungite has also the ability to protect positive energy and reject the negative one.
Silver Shungite extremely powerful when you are dealing with negative or "toxic" people in your life.
• It's an excellent grounding stone. When you’re worried about improving your career, financial status, romantic life, or general happiness, Shungite leads your mind towards your goals by dissolving any blocks or insecurity.

AFFIRMATION: "I am filled with light and positive vibes because I'm protected and safe in body and spirit".

RELATED CHAKRA: Root Chakra (1° Chakra).

NAME: every Giardinoblu piece of jewelry is a living creature. This Shungite Pendant is Tadewi, that means "Wind" in Omaha language.

MATERIALS AND FINISHING: oxidized sterling silver (chain), nickel free bronze (frame and tag) and Shungite Stone.

**Every piece of jewelry is one of a kind because every Crystal is unique in the Universe. However, you'll have full control of your order, here's how:
• I'll contact you personally after your purchase sharing the best Crystals we have for your necklace;
• you're free to choose which specific stone you want to wear;
• we handcrafted your necklace with that stone.

TIMING: 15 business day after the purchase.

PACKAGING: every creature gets to you in a beautiful and resistant case with a Certificate of Authenticity. It’s perfect as a unique gift for your best friend or yourself. Designed and handmade in Italy with the collaboration of responsible and specialized local suppliers. 

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