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Which Stone Do You Need: The 4 Methods Guide to Choosing Your Crystal for Healing

Posted on September 11 2018

Which Stone Do You Need: The 4 Methods Guide to Choosing Your Crystal for Healing

When you try to identify the Stone or Crystal you need in life you find different guides, and theories that show you how to get there.


Someone says that you have to listen to your gut, others suggest to know the metaphysical properties, the chemical composition and so on...then, you lost your mind trying to figure out which method is the best for you.
So how to know which Gemstone or Crystal effectively sustains you without losing time or working in the wrong direction?

Micheal Gienger, in "Gemstone Healing" says that we have four ways to know the best crystal for us, everyone works great depending on what we're looking for.

In fact, Micheal Gienger says, the way we choose our stones is related to our pursues.
Based on our purposes we have the stone of consciousness, the stone of the body, the stone of the cause and the stone of spirit.

Let's see how to find out each of them and my personal method to find the best healing stone for all of my clients.


what it can do for you & why you should wear it

• the stone of consciousness stimulates the awakening of past memories. It activates positive and also negative memories. When it activate painful memories the key is letting these visions free to emerge in your mind without fighting, you'll see them in an entirely new perspective when they become part of your consciousness.
• It can stimulate dreamlike activities
• It brings to the surface positive habits and skills that you had forgotten 
• it may suggest you the best decision and actions in the future. Let this stone inspires you.

This method is based on the fact that our brain generates automatic associations of everything we see. Everything we perceive comes directly from what we previously lived, old memories and experiences.
This process is faster than any rational thoughts, and it reactivates emotions and feelings we already felt.
In other words, when that particular green-malachite minds you the time you fell from the tree stomping your nose on the grass... you probably will choose another stone.
Please, note that the associations your mind makes are totally unconscious. So you probably don't know the reason you love or not that particular stone, that's because your body has a more extended and efficient memory than your mind.


The way to choose the crystal of consciousness is one of the most popular and fascinating.
Your eyes are the guide, and your intuition is your compass.

Place the crystals in front of you on a white or neutral color background, natural wood or beige fabric for example.
Then, let your intuition guides you without judging or thinking about esthetical factors or anything else.
Just allow that colors and surfaces guide you to your gemstone.
This method also works at a distance when someone sends you some pictures with different crystal specimens. Just make sure the quality of this picture will be excellent, and you can see every detail and colors of the stones.

*QUICK NOTE FOR TRANSFORMATION: I love this method, however, I think it's not the most recommended if you want to wear a crystal for healing. Why?
Because healing is about overcome our spiritual and energetical boundaries, moving out to our "comfort zone."  In fact, the journey towards healing could be not comfortable in some cases, especially at the beginning.
At the opposite, this method leads you towards confort in most of the cases, retracing old patterns, not a new way of transformation and awakening.


what it can do for you & why you should wear it

• The stone of the body contributes to restore your inner balance. Sometimes the situation seems to get worse during the first times you work with this stone, but it's just a physical reaction against the illness. Keep working with your stone and everything will evolve toward positive within a few days.
• it can contribute to enhancing your intuitions and perceptions making you more active and vital on a day to day basis.
• it can help to be more in contact with your body, including knowing your pains better instead of building blocks against them.

The foundation of this methods is based on this principle that "we always looking outside, what is missed inside".


Ask one of your friends to place some of your favorite crystals on a table in front of you while you close your eyes or you're turned back.
You don't have to see anything about the disposition.
Now just relax, take three deep breath and touch the crystals in front of you keeping your eyes closed. Take your time to feel how the energy of crystals interacts with your body.
Make sure to establish a connection with each stone until you feel the impulse to catching one of them.

*QUICK NOTE FOR TRANSFORMATION: this method works perfectly especially for the advanced in every spiritual healing practices or you already healed your most significant blocks. This is because if it's true that "we look for what we need outside", is also true that if we're addicted to something we tend to look for it even if it is an unhealthy need.
So make sure your need is "healthy" before working with this method in other to avoid worsening of energetic or physical issues.


what it can do for you & why you should wear it

• The stone of cause supports the awakening of the consciousness and it's a excellent boost to live in the present and stay focused on the priorities. It allows you to better listen and control your life and your body.
• it helps to express your real attitude and understand your limitations in order to better understand your inner self.
• It inspires you to see everything with different eyes helping you to find creative solutions for old issues.

Intellect is the best tool you have to grow and improve ourselves. When we are able to manage our intellect functions at best we also manage our lives more effectively.
You choose our stone of cause based on how you react to specific verbal information. Here your consciousness and presence are vital because they guide you towards the best stone. However, this method is not completely rational because even instinct and feelings evolving into it, even if they don't entirely drive the choice.


Here the approach is entirely different.
First, you have to identify the issue or blocks that are closing your energy, your vibrations, and your spirit in a cage limiting your power and the expression of your higher self.

It could be fear, anger, a sense of loss, anxiety or stress to mention some of them as an example. These issues usually also bring with them physical discomforts like back or stomach pain or skin problems, the most typical.

Then you'll find the crystal or gemstone that is specific to sustain your spiritual, emotional and physical body based on their metaphysical properties and vibrations. In this way, you can better understand the problem, and letting your authentic energy free to flourish and vibe high again.

You can choose your crystal yourself by consulting books or official websites, or if you want to save your time and be sure about the gem you need you can ask for help to the Crystal Healer that inspires you to trust and open heart.


what it can do for you & why you should wear it

• Its metaphysical properties give you information about how to direct your life in future
• It can increase your perceptual abilities making you more conscious of your spirit.

Our essence is our spirit, not the body, mind or intellect.
We're creative-spiritual identities who're using the physical shape to experience the reality and operate in it.
Our instinct is more efficient than the body.

Space and shape don't exist for our spirit. Being conscious of this fact gives a fresh perspective to our lives allowing to experience the events instead control them.


This method is based on the theory that nothing happens by chance. Everything holds wisdom. 
If you have the crystals physically with you, let that someone place them in front of you on a table making a square.
If you don't have your favorite crystals physically with you, you can write their names on some small papers and do the same.
Close your eyes or turn back when your friend put the crystals or their name on the table because you don't have to see the disposition.

When everything is ready, say a number and a letter so your friend can find the crystal you already choosed.

Crystal healing

*QUICK NOTE FOR TRANSFORMATION: before finding your stone of spirit by using this method, make sure to be absolutely relaxed, your energy needs to freely flow on your body and everything around. Find a few minutes to meditate, take some deep and conscious breath or practice yoga for example. This is absolutely key to work in the right direction.

Mind to don't take these methods too strictly, and choose the one is more comfortable for you, the one that resonates better for you and that is closer to your vision and attitude.



May you don't know which method is the best for you, you don't know exactly how to proceed, or you read something about crystal healing but there're so many crystals and stones on this Planet that choosing the best one is like stepping into a labyrinth :)

My mission, passion, and joy are finding the best Crystal healing elixir that enhances your inner wisdom helping you to free your core from what you don't need to progress and grow.

Here's how I work for you:

I consider the entire process, not just a consultation, instead of a meditational journey of my body/mind to yours. I'll focus all my energy to feel what your feelings are and hear what that words can't say.
I'll figure out which crystal is able to support you at best, helping you to open your perspective gaining more energy, vitality, and enthusiasm in your life.

If you don't know which is the best crystal to wear for you, I'm here to help. Book your free crystal consultation here.

I invite you to open your spiritual heart to me talking about what you want to overcome in your life, what's holding you back in this time of your life and which is your purpose.

I love to listen to all your stories because I heard your voices every time. And your intonation is much more important then what you say.
Usually, there's a stone or a crystal that immediately appears in my mind while I'm reading your notes. This is one of the crystals that I consider as "the best for you".

Then, I dive more in-depth focusing my attention on your goals and which chakra are asking for your attention and caring. Then I identify two/ three crystals in addition to the first one. Then I have three/four crystals.

STEP THREE (my favorite one):
I connect my spirit guide to you, this is the core of our work. Heart to heart.

I ask for help to my spirit guides and in order to establish a contact drived by the light and love. I call them with my favorite divination tools. In addition to them, one picture of you or even one of your social media profile lead me to better understand what that words can't explain.

In this stage of the process I know precisely which crystal is calling you, even if your conscious mind didn't know it yet.

divination tools for crystal consultation


When you have the crystal that vibes perfectly to support your spirit and your body you can bring it in your meditation sessions, you can place it on your desk, or you can take it on a small wallet in your bag.
However, the best way to work with crystals for spiritual healing is allowing it to be as close as possible to your skin as long as possible. 

Wearing your crystal as an amulet allows you to interact with its restorative vibe all day long having it ever handy in every challenging moment.

Hope this article add a positive value in your crystal healing journey clarifying which are the methods you can use to find out the Crystal that help to find balance and harmony in you life.

As always don't hesitate to ask questions or share your notes here below, they'll be extremely helpful for everyone read this article.


Thank you so much for spending your time with me reading this article, 

All LOve,

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