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Must have Crystals to Overcome the Fear of Future

Posted on November 24 2017

Must have Crystals to Overcome the Fear of Future

Are you constantly fighting with anxiety or negative thoughts about the future? Do you wanna have more control on everything around you, but you struggle because the things are not going as you planned and this brings anxiety and stress?

You are not alone. Many people struggle with that, especially women and their number increased significantly over the last five years.

I'm not here to teach you to win the fight with anxiety, stress, and fear for future because it's a huge theme and every one of us has a different experience with it.


However, I'm sure there's something in my journey to get rid of the fear of future that can help you because if you're here on this page right now, that's mean the Universe wants you here.


Many people give up on free themselves from the fear of future, then they don't make any changes in their life, except to get some pills!


That's because they think it's a genetic factor that they can't change in any way.
But I tell you, this "mental habit" is 100% changeble, and I know because I worked on it about five years ago.

And this is exactly the point where my experience meets yours.

Before we go further, just one note: Planning and taking actions to create the future that you love doesn't mean you're scared of the future.

Planning is your personal vision about the future that turns into actions. 

You have to be able to accept that you can control nothing, but yourself. We can accept that sometimes the events completely transform our vision about the future, even if we work every day to build our vision about the future

I struggled with anxiety and fear for the future for years, and today I found the exact feeling when I lose the connection with two vital principles: ACCEPTANCE and PRESENCE.

Acceptance is embracing the now and the future with all of your wild, proud, courageous and full of Love heart, no matter the events. Acceptance is something that we learn to recognize because it's inside of us as part of the mystery called life.
Everything you have to do is train yourself allowing this attitude to emerge.

Presence is when you're conscious you aren’t living unless you are living in the now. We continuously forget this simple fact, we're "managed from the future", instead create our future being fully present.

Setting your mind in the way of "acceptance" means to embrace the mystery of the Universe, the magic of every day and accept a healthy dose of recklessness we all need to live a healthy life.

The Fear for future is a huge and fascinated topic, learning to manage it it's a multifaced journet that takes years. It may carry significant changes in your day to day basis, including mental training, physical training, who we choose as friends, who we choose as "no more friends", daily routine, diet, etcetera...

Overcoming the fear for future is not just "something you do," instead is a step by step process that transforms your life and reveals your real you.

If you're in the middle of this exciting transformations and you wanna get a boost that encourages you the clean your physical and etheric body, Crystals are on your way!

Every Crystal has a multitude of properties, and a few stripes of text are not enough to describe all its influences.


However, I selected some Crystals that vibrate hight to free yourself from the fear of future in a significant way.

Let's dive in:


Aquamarine is a Stone of Courage and Protection and it's excellent to promote any kind of expression and clear communication blocks.

Aquamarine helps to open intuition and awareness to the inner ocean of wisdom and creativity and it's powerful for moving through transition and change.


The cleansing energy of Aquamarine removes resistance and helps to overcome the fear of the unknown.


Aquamarine is calming, soothing, and cleansing, and inspires truth, trust and letting go.

Aquamarine is also an energizer Crystal. That means that it's a powerful conduit crystal for focusing and amplifying the Universal Life Force to achieve our purposes. It supports our efforts and improves our lives, as every energizer crystal it protects what we value, and defend us from unwanted forces.


Rainbow Moonstone assists us to accept the whole spectrum of emotions without judging. The Rainbow Moonstone's vibe embrace the heart making us able to love ourself and others no matter what we feel.

Rainbow Moonstone is an amulet for protection. The legend says that it's the Traveler's Stone, it's especially protective of those who travel by night or upon the water when the moon is shining.

This Crystal embodies the energy of the Divine Feminine and its vibrational energy support us to balance the masculine-feminine energies within body and spirit.


When you need to clean your head from hundreds of messy thoughts that overwhelm your mind/body spirit, that is the moment for you to embrace the healing vibrations of White agate.

White Agate cleans our mind from everything doesn't serve us and allow us to focus all our attention on one challenge at the time.
White Agate is a must to promote stress relieve, acceptance at any level and clarity of mind.


It comes a time when we have to face our own nature. We have to free our mind from old believes if we wanna make the great leap towards a more significant reality, expanding our consciousness and having a clearer vision of life.

Azurite is the right stone to make this jump. It's the light that dissipates dark fears transforming them into the ray of lights and comprehension.

Azurite encourages the renewal of consciousness helping to see highest purposes.

Additional Crystal that helps during the process:

PERIDOT: This crystal shows one of the most vibrant green in nature. It melts energy blocks and tension turning them into relax.
Peridot works as a tonic, reviving the whole body. It purifies your core from fear and negative thoughts.

We'll be back to the fear of future soon because it's a multifaceted topic and even more people struggle with it.

In the meantime, if you struggle with that, make sure to include Crystals as healers of your soul. 


When you wear them, they're able to protect and assist you all day long, and you'll feel a drastic change in your vibrational energy just in a few days.
Don't hesitate to write me an email or send a message via social media when you feel deep inside there's a genuine connection between my heart and yours. Then I'll create something unique just for you that really shift your vibrational energy in a positive way. 

Are you struggling with anxiety or stress and you wanna shift your life with Healing Jewels in a responsible way?I'm here to help.

Wearing Healing Jewels created on your own purposes can boost your vibes like never before. It also supports you to stay consistently focused on your goals and reach them faster and easily. 


Do you wanna know more about how I can create your custom Jewel towards healing? Make sure to click on the yellow button here below to start to chat with me and start to create your unique jewel ⬇

Hope this article gives you some inspirations and ideas that resonate with your life's vision and that it can supports you to live a meaningful and grateful life day to day basis.




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