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How to Program Jewelry for Healing: the True Story

Posted on October 14 2017

How to Program Jewelry for Healing: the True Story

Many people think that we can program crystals and Jewelry implementing in them a kind of "external" consciousness and mission.
I have a different approach.

Healing Jewelry carries with them specific energies, characteristic, structure, and instructions from the moment they bring to life.

Each Crystal or Gemstone vibrates with a specific signature energy at a particular frequency.
Here is where we find its healing missions and "why."

We can't replace or change the memory and the vibrational energies (mission) of crystals, gemstones and stones.

Unique Healing Jewelry with Crystals and stones by Giardinoblu

Healing Crystals are, as you know, living creatures, as you are. Then, you can't transform their "personality" and vocation in a healthy way.

We don't want to harm that type of programming either.

However, there is a sort of "blank space" in every Crystal for spiritual healing.
What is that?

It's the future of your crystal, is the place where it can store new instructions.
It's the way our crystal will guide and help you to overcome boundaries, fears, or blocks respecting its own identity, core vibe and mission.


My perspective on "programming process" is something like a gentle, full-of-Love and respect guide, not an imposition.
You can find different theories out there about programming Crystals and healing Jewelry, and I wanna make sure we are on the same track before going through the ways of program what we can call the "blank space" of Crystals and Gemstones Talisman.

3 Best Rituals to Program Healing Crystals and Gemstone Jewelry:

Basically, we program Jewelry for Healing by infusing specific energies, vibration and intensions in them so they constantly remind you the mindset you have to generate to reach them.


Don't try to implement these techniques if you are not in a quiet and comfortable place and if you're not focused on your mission.
Make sure to remove any distractions and create your sacred space.

Place some smudge or Crystals close to you and find a comfortable position for your body.
Smudges, sacred symbols or incense are not vital, so use them just if you want and can. The only thing is vital is your mindfully and fully presence.


Start breathing naturally and consciously.


Decide to make yourself a gift, relax your eyes shoulders and choose to go forward with one of the following when you're ready:


Hold your jewel in one hand breathing in through the nose.

When you do that raise your belly making sure to fill all of your lungs without forcing them and hold the thought into your mind.
Breath air and though out through the nose into your jewel. Repeat until you are happy to see your jewel bright of a more mature energy and ready to guide you.

*ps. consider experimenting a variant of this ritual placing your jewel on your Third Eye, instead of on hand.


words' vibrations can be intense, and if this resonates well with you here's how you can program your healing jewelry on the vibes of worlds.
Write your thought on a piece of paper and place your jewel on that to absorb the energy of words.
You can write what you want just make sure your thought is in a positive form (avoid phrases as "I don't want to be an egoist," instead choose "I'm full of love for others" for example) and that it carries positive vibrations.


Hold the positive thought in your mind and create circular breath that goes in and out of you and your jewel. Breathing in and then breath energy back in from the Jewel.

Repeat this circular in and out breathing for 10 - 20 minutes.

Combining these methods making them more personal is a great idea, it intensifies your experience and the vibe that you can bring in to your jewel.
For example: If you want to program a jewel for someone is important in your life, you can place your jewel on a photo of that person and visualize healing vibrations flowing between the jewel and who you love.


This is the final episode of the "How to Clean, Cleanse, Charge, Activate and Program Healing Jewelry" series, hope it was helpful for you.

I tried to share with you just simple and positive rituals for some reasons:

First, we all are busy and find just one hour of quiet could be tricky.

Second, You have to create a deep relationship with your Crystal Jewel because this supports you to raise you vibrations frequency. However, your future is only up to you, and implementing too long or complicate rituals risk to overdue the relationship between you and your Jewelry for Healing creating a sort of addiction we must to avoid. 

Third and most important, I think heart is much more important than any technique. If your heart is open and sincere you can easily cleanse, activate and program your Healing Jewelry. Just follow your heart, use this guide as an inspiration and work on your creativity to make each ritual more personal.


Hope you loved this series :) here are all the episodes if you missed something or want to check it one more time:

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Crystal healing is not rocket science. In this article you read my personal perspective about to "program healing jewelry" to fully enjoy the energy that can give us.
Make sure to share your vision in the comment below, especially if it's quite different, or can help other people to dive deeper into the healing energy of Crystals.




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